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Summertime Ridin'

Is Your Bike Ready?

If you're planning on getting a ton of miles in this Summer, we're all for that! However, we want to make sure your two-wheeled friend is prepared for what's to come. We recommend having your bike inspected on a quarterly basis (every three months), to ensure mechanical issues don't occur during a ride.

Getting Started

Thinking of stopping by? There's a few things you should know before visiting. 

Currently, our front door stays locked at all times. Upon arrival, simply ring the door bell or give us a call, and we'll remotely unlock the door- just listen out for a *click*. 

We're also only allowing two customers inside at a time due to the limited space and capping indoor browsing time to 5 minutes.

Our Check-In Process

Every bike and customer is unique, and here at Kayuh that's something we value highly. 

During the check-in process, our friendly mechanics will go over any questions and concerns you have with your bike (unless we're stupid busy!), fully inspect your bike, and notify you of what your bike needs, and what can wait.

After going over the essentials, we'll address everything else, from accessorizing to upgrading, to optimize your bike's performance to run smoothly and efficiently for everything you need it to do.

Turnaround Time

Same Day

1-3 Days

4-7 Days

Flat Repair / Tire InstallAlwaysUnlikely
Brake Adjustments
PossiblyMost LikelyUnlikely
Gear AdjustmentsPossiblyMost LikelyUnlikely
Wheel TruePossiblyMost LikelyUnlikely
Tune UpUnlikelyExpress Service Available
Most Likely
Bicycle AssemblyUnlikelyExpress Service Available
Most Likely

Is Your Bike Already In Great Shape?

Awesome! In that case, check out tools you could use to complete your pre-ride safety check.

Shop Bike Locks

Pick up a quality lock to keep your bike safe and secure between your commutes.

Shop Car Racks

We’ve got options for hitches, trunks and roofs so swing in or shop online the solution that fits your needs.

Shop Bags & Racks

The type of storage you choose will depend on what you want to take with you on your ride.